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Design and planning

Tecnifoam - molded polyurethane foam has a futuristic design and planning department. Arrange in the company of this department ensures our customers a mold design as a function of the particular good printability and , consequently, produce products of high quality and fully meet the customer's requirements.
Also, having a department of study and internal design means being able to provide, just in time, prototypes, printend with pilot dies, all equal to finished products.


Construction of molds

The construction of the molds is carried out within the company, through the use of computerized numerical control machines that can exactly replicate the technical drawings provided by customers.
Internally to Tecnifoam , are realized both pilot molds for the supply of the prototypes , both the molds for the production of the final series.


Preparation of compounds

Thanks to its highly qualified personnel and thirty years of experience , the department compounds Tecnifoam is able to achieve polyurethane compounds tailored to each individual product and use, thus ensuring quality, durability and and lightness of the finished products.


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