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Padding and Chin

Tecnifoam is an industry leader in the molding of polyurethane foams for the production of padding for helmets and chin.

In recent years it has been introduced the technique of bi-injection molding of chinrests for helmets which, thanks to the use of a particular rigid component in place of EPS, allows to have several advantages, including:

  • lightness
  • impact resistance
  • lower costs of equipment

Over the years Tecnifoam has expanded its range of fillings, ranging from motorcycle helmets for racing, road / touring and cross, helmets for snowboarding/skiing, until the realization of inner shells for protective helmets of the Fire Department and Police departments.
The technical department of Tecnifoam is always at the forefront for research and development as well as always online and up to date on current regulations and safety certification.
The techniques used for the production of the padding for helmets, know -how and attention to detail, ensuring high standards of comfort and safety for the users.

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